What Are They Saying?

Parents & Students

“My honor roll daughter was falling behind in school, failing 3 classes and not communicating with anyone. Her work with Cynthia enabled her to refocus and finish the year with a 98% average!  

                      - Arlene, Parent

“Just a quick note to let you know how much Kat loved the experience today.  She was very complimentary of you and how knowledgeable, professional and fun you are.

Thank you for giving our kiddos permission to delve deeper into who they are by bringing to light their strengths and giving them some tools to use for future self-exploration.”

                            - Shannon, Parent

“I was extremely excited to find out and learn more about myself to take that next step in life. Uncovering my top 5 strengths makes me un-shy about my ideas, and my way of thinking.  Having answers to things and knowing more about myself and who I really am, is nothing less than positive.

Now I can present first hand my top 5 strengths and have it be a testimony to who I am.”

 - Marcus,

   Ottawa University Student


"My son said this was a mind-altering experience for him! I know that sounds a little extreme, but he was able to learn so much about himself and understand where his teachers' and coaches' frustrations were coming from. He's made changes and applied them so he could go into his senior year and be successful!”       

                           - Bernice, Parent

Through StrengtsFinder I was able to rediscover my love for both myself and others.  I have reopened the door to the endless possibilities and achievements I can accomplish.

  - Erika,  Arizona State University, Student

During the time Erika worked with Cynthia, it became clear to my daughter the areas of she needed to  improved upon.  She learned how to leverage her natural communication skill.

As Erika’s mother, this helped me immensely understand why she does things a certain way, which helped me better understand how mentor my daughter.

      - Lily, Parent, Professor, Rio Salado College

I was going through what I considered a ‘mid-life crisis’ and the age of  twenty.  Going through the six week program answered so many questions I had and also opened my eyes to see who I really was. I learned I had control of my life which sent me down a much clearer pathway. It was amazing to learn how strong I can be and about all the positive qualities I possess. 

  - Erin, Paradise Valley Community College, Student

My daughter was floundering and unclear about the direction she wanted to go.  After invention time with Cynthia she began to understand her strengths which helped her gain confidence and became a more focused young lady.

     - Bob Jamison, Black Oak Institute

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