Student Programs

All programs can be custom designed according to the student and/or organizations needs.

So please feel free to call if you would like to share your vision.

One-On-One Mentoring


6 Week Program

This program gives students guidance & support to help navigate through some of life's challenges.  During the 6 weeks they will gain a stronger sense of who they are and build their confidence through this self-discovery process.

This One-On-One program is perfect for the student who is looking for;

  • More Confidence

  • Enhancing Communication Skills

  • Clarity Around Their Future

  • Motivation



Group Session


4.5 Session (4 - 8 students)

This 4.5 hour workshop gives students a basic understanding and knowledge of their 5 Core Strengths.


They will be introduced to a process that will teach them how to effectively communicate who they are and the value they bring to the table.  It gives them the skills needed to have productive conversations with teachers, coaches, parents, peers, etc . . .


They will also be given a robust vocabulary they can use on their Cover Letters, Resumes, Applications along with how to successfully go through an interviewing process.

Students will receive an outline of this workshop so they can navigate their personal and professional life independently once they have completed this session.

Classroom Courses


1.5 Hour Class

Designed for schools & youth organization that want to

introduce their students to a self-awareness & development process 

that will challenge students' mindset  and motivate them to make positive changes for their future.


8 Week Course 

Each student will discover their

core strengths that will give them  knowledge about themselves, what makes them unique and

how to apply their core strengths throughout life.


8 Week Course

Students will learn how to leverage their 5 Core Strengths and learn how to properly communicate their specific strengths through their cover letters, resumes, applications & interviewing skills

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